Practical guidance on randomising
a patient into the CRASH Trial

  • If a relative is present when a patient is being considered for trial entry, the trial should be discussed with the relative and a record of the conversation should be written in the patient's notes.

  • If a relative objects to the patient being entered into the trial, the patient should not be entered.

  • If there is no relative present, the doctor looking after the patient can take responsibility for entering the patient into the trial, in the same way as they take responsibility for choosing other treatments. It is good clinical practice to confirm the patient's eligibility for the trial with an independent clinician (doctor or nurse) and to make a record of this in the patient's notes.

  • If a relative arrives in hospital after a patient has been enrolled and objects to the patient being in the trial, a meeting should be arranged with a senior clinician to discuss the trial. If the relative still objects, the trial treatment should be stopped.