Issue 36
September - October 2002

3,700 patients randomised
If every CRASH Collaborator enrolled
just FOUR patients per month,
we would have 20,000 patients
in less than two years time!

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New Trial Manager, Haleema Shakur, will start on 1 November 2002.
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Romanian National Collaborators Meeting Bucharest 21-22 September 2002
Over 100 doctors and nurses from emergency departments throughout Romania attended a successful two-day conference in Bucharest at the end of September 2002. The title of the conference was "The Management of the Multiple- trauma Patient with Head Injury", with specific emphasis on the CRASH Trial. David Yates (Lead Clinician) and Ian Roberts (Clinical Co-ordinator) joined Romanian doctors Raed Arafat, Laura Balica, Daniela Bartos, Adrian Cristescu, Ioana Grintescu, Olivera Lupescu, Andrei Serbanescu and Claudiu Turculet, to give highly educational talks, which were followed by stimulating discussion.

At the close of the meeting the delegates watched as an agreement was signed between Dr Louchi, Laura Balica and David Yates declaring Spitalul Clinic de Urgenta Bucuresti the CRASH Trial National Co-ordinating Centre for Romania. Special thanks are due to Bogdan Oprita for his organisation of the meeting. With the co-operation of the other important hospitals represented in the meeting, including Tirgu Mures, Timisoara, Iasi, Ploiesti, Targouiste, Craiova and Cluj-Napoca, it is now hoped that Romania will become one of the leading contributors to the CRASH Trial worldwide.

Adrian Cristescu, Bogdan Oprita, Ian Roberts

Nurses' meeting

CRASHNET – Have you activated your account?

If you are a CRASH Trial collaborator, you are entitled to enter HTTPS://CRASHNET.LSHTM.AC.UK.
The following services are available to you:

1. Enter your early outcome data directly via the Web

2. Analysis of early outcome data you have provided

3. Forum for you to make contact with other collaborators in your country or around the world and discuss any issues you wish

4. Order trial materials directly via the Web

5. Follow-up – see which patients have been followed up and which are due

Mentions - Many thanks to all collaborators listed below, for all their hard work

New centres with ethics approval:

  • Maximiliano G Waschbusch, Policlinico Sofia T de Santamarina, Argentina
  • Richard Hall, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre, Canada
  • Humberto Lezcano, Hospital General Universitario "Carlos Manuel de Cèspedes", Cuba
  • Dr Golle, Krieskrankenhaus Demmin, Germany
  • Dr Seidel, Christophorous Krankenhaus GmbH, Germany
  • Dr Gibb, Lukas Hospital, Germany
  • K S Maheswari, Maheshwari Orthopaedic Hospital, India
  • Manas Panigrahi, Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences, India
  • Anup K Saha, Burdwan Medical College Hospital, India
  • Vasant Dakwale, Choitram Hospital & Research Centre, India
  • Radovan Wiszt, NsP Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia
  • Sophie Jayamaha, Grantham and District Hospital, UK
  • Gautam Ray, Princess Royal Hospital, UK

First patient

  • N K Venkataramana, Manipal Hospital, India
  • Maria Giuseppina Annetta, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
  • Karol Kalig, NsP Ruzinov, Slovakia
  • Colin Read, Russell's Hall Hospital, UK

10 patients

  • Walter Videtta, Hospital Dr Ramon Carrillo, Argentina
  • Pedro Bedoya Barrios, Hospital General Copiapo, Chile
  • Alvaro Ardila Otero, Hospital Universitario San Jorge, Colombia
  • Oscar Palma, Hospital México, Costa Rica
  • Ernesto Piferrer Ruiz, Hospital Clínico-Quirúrgico Docente “Saturnino Lora”, Cuba
  • Mazhar Hussein, King George Medical College, India
  • Nyoman Golden, Sanglah General Hospital, Indonesia
  • Ivan Schwendt, NsP Poprad, Slovakia
  • Romero Pellejero and Maria Luisa Gascon Castillo, Hospital General Yagüe, Spain
  • Maite Misis, Hospital Universitario Germans Trias i Pujol, Spain
  • Ashis Bannerjee, Whittington Hospital, UK
Special Mentions – Special Congratulations!

50 patients

  • Enrique Vergara, Hospital San Bernardo, Argentina
  • Luiz Nasi, Hospital de Pronto Socorro de Porto Alegre, Brazil

100 patients

  • Jafri Abdullah, Hospital University Science Malaysia
  • Hesham El Sayed, Suez Canal University, Egypt

Who will author the CRASH Trial final report? You will!

The success of CRASH will be entirely dependent upon the collaboration of nurses and doctors in the participating hospitals. Hence, the chief credit for the study will be assigned to them in the main publications, and the collaborators from each participating centre will be named personally in the main report.

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Tel +44(0)20 7299 4684 - Fax +44(0)20 7299 4663 - email CRASH@LSHTM.AC.UK

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