Autumn 2003
7,200 patients randomised



THANKS TO ALL OUR COLLABORATORS who are now using CRASHNET to send in their early outcome data. The first EOF data were received via CRASHNET on 8 August 2002 (thanks to Bennie Hartzenberg and Grant DuPlessis from Tygerberg Academic Hospital, South Africa). Since this date 242 Early Outcome Forms have been received through CRASHNET. Although there were some initial ‘teething’ problems over the latter part of 2002, we are pleased to say that during 2003 we have received around 40 EOFs via CRASHNET per month, and this number is increasing each and every month! Because the data are transferred directly into the CRASH database ready for analysis, there is no delay in processing the data and there are no data entry errors. CRASHNET saves time, minimises data queries and increases the accuracy of the trial data.

We particularly wish to thank these collaborators for using CRASHNET to send EOF data:
Tygerberg Academic Hospital, South Africa (71 EOFs), Hospital Universitario San Jorge, Colombia (53), Spitalul Clinic de Urgenta Bucuresti, Romania (22), Centre Hospitalier Regional de Namur, Belgium (21), Hope Hospital, UK (19), Clinica Las Americas, Colombia (17), University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland (12) and Royal Sussex County Hospital, UK (12).

In addition to sending EOF data by CRASHNET, you can analyse your early outcome data, order trial materials directly and see which patients have been followed up at six months and which are due. If you are able to connect to the Internet and would like to send your data via CRASHNET, please contact me and I will create an account for you.



It is unbelievable that it is already one year since I took over the management of the trial. The achievements of the collaborators during this period have been astounding. These achievements include:

  • Increasing the number of patients from 3,900 to 7,200 in just one year
  • Presenting the trial at several national and international meetings including:
    • International Trauma Congress,South Africa
    • Sociedad Mexicana de Medicina de Urgencias, Mexico
    • Neurointensiv 2003, Cuba
    • 19th International Traffic Medicine World Conference, Budapest
    • Medical Society of Slovakia, Slovakia
    • Royal Society of Medicine, UK
    • Society of British Neurosurgeons, UK
    • Royal College of Nursing: Annual A&E Nursing Association Conference, UK
    • British Accident and Emergency Society Meeting
    • Institute of Neurosurgery, Belgrade
    • 2nd Medical Emergency Medicine Congress, Spain
  • Organising and attending national meetings in several countries:
    • National Co-ordinators’ Meeting, Belgium
    • North Regional Meeting UK
    • National Meeting Egypt
    • National Meeting Panama
    • National Meeting Peru
    • National Meeting Ecuador
    • National Meeting Colombia
    • National Meeting Cuba
    • National Meeting Thailand
    • National Meeting Spain
    • National Meeting India

  • Increasing commitment to the trial to ensure its success
  • Increasing the use of CRASHNET to help minimise data queries and data entry problems.
Congratulations to all of you on your success and thank you for your support and help in my first year.


There have been some changes within the Co-ordinating Centre. Tessa Hosford has been appointed as Assistant Trial Co-ordinator. Tessa will be known to some of you as she has worked with us before in a different capacity. She will help potential collaborators become active by assisting them with ethics approval applications, import licences, Ministry of Health approvals and other pre-trial processes. So if you are in the early stages of applying, do contact Tessa to see if she can help you in any way.

More appointments will follow in the near future. A new Trial Assistant and a new Assistant Programmer will be introduced in the next Newsletter.

Listed here are all the hard working doctors and nurses who are NOT the lead collaborators in their hospitals, but have randomised at least 7 patients into the CRASH Trial. We thank you sincerely for your continuous support. (Apologies for any wrong spellings in both telephone and paper randomising centres.)
Abel Santamaria Cuadrado, Cuba
Raul Perez Falero - 34
Aswan Teaching Hospital, Egypt
Hany Shokry - 33
Alla Gaber - 12
Hossam Shaker - 9
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, UK
Shiela Pantrini - 13
Matthew Rigg - 11
Alan Baldwin - 10
Centre Hospitalier Regional de Namur, Belgium
Delvaux - 38
Oleffe - 38
Grollinger - 30
Carlier - 12
Kervyn - 10
Hainaux - 9
Clinica Las Americas, Colombia
Juan Diego Ciro - 38
Hector Jaramillo - 16
Colchester General Hospital, UK
Klapper - 10
Claire Holliday - 9
Eastbourne District General Hospital, UK
Karen Davies - 9
Ernst Moritz Arndt University, Germany
Waltraud Kleist - 10
Hope Hospital, UK
Sister Waterhouse - 29
Lesley Holland - 14
Spencer Lynn - 14
Sister Gloster - 12
Philip Johnson - 9
Jenny Fecitt - 8
Hospital Clínico-Quirúrgico Docente "Saturnino Lora", Cuba
Arnaldo Barzaga Milan - 9
Hospital de la Policia, Ecuador
Marcela Solano Galarza - 7
Hospital de Pronto Socorro de Porto Alegre, Brazil
Carla Bittencourt Rynkowski - 10
Andres di Leoni Ferrari - 9
Feliped de Figueiredo Pinto - 9
Fernando Ribeiro Silva - 9
Ana Lucia Herzog Veit - 7
Viviane Mentz Dornelles - 7
Hospital Departamental de Nariño, Colombia
Jose Luis Betancourth - 11
Hospital Dr Ramón Carillo, Argentina
Fernanda Barboza - 9
Hospital Habib Thameur, Tunisia
Mourad Kefi - 7
Hospital México, Costa Rica
Ricardo Gonzales – 11
Hospital Municipal Dr Hector J D'Agnillo, Argentina
Maria Paula Gullo - 8

Hospital Nacional Profesor Alejandro Posadas, Argentina
Daniel Drago - 9
Hospital San Andres, Colombia
Marlen del Rocio Enriquez - 12
Hospital San Bernardo, Argentina
Carolina Montenegro - 27
Ariel Ruiz - 19
Ruiz de Huidobro Roberto - 9
Hospital Universitario "Arnaldo Milián Castro", Cuba
Raidel Oliva Valle - 7
Hospital Universitario "Dr Gustavo Aldereguia Lima", Cuba
Jose Roque Nodal - 7
Hospital Universitario San Jorge, Colombia
Wilson Gualteros - 45
Martha Cecilia Ospina Guisao - 16
Jose Roberto Zuluaga - 14
Jorge Ivan Caballero Osorio - 12
Beatriz Gazcia - 9
Alexander Parra - 8
Felipe Alberto Perez Puerta - 7
Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocio, Spain
Claudio Garcia Alfaro - 15
Pedro Jimenez Gonzalez - 15
Rosario Amaya - 11
Juan Manuel Flores Cordero - 11
Teresa Aldabo - 9
Antonio Marin Caballos - 7
Hernandez Hazanas – 7
Hospital University Science Malaysia
Saufi - 28
Sani - 24
Rahman - 20
Ghazali - 18
Nik Arif - 9
Shah - 8
Peh - 7
King George Medical College, India
Vinod Tewari - 32
Alok Agarwal - 9
Vikas Shukla - 8
Anmol Tayal - 7
Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
O B Bankole - 9
J A Akindele - 7
Maheshwari Orthopaedic Hospital, India
Avani Vora - 9
Makerere Medical School, Uganda
Hussein Ssenyonjo - 19
Agnes Wabule - 10
Masaryk Hospital, Czech Republic
David Sercl - 16
Naghavi University Hospital, Iran
Dr Aramesh - 46
Nemocnica Bojnice, Slovakia
Stano - 24

NsP Poprad, Slovakia
Hanusin - 7
Research Institute for Special Surgery and Trauma, Czech Republic
Jiri Ochmann - 589
L Kozumplik - 27
Marsova - 26
Ilona Kantorova - 12
Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, UK
Emma Cunliffe - 8
Alker - 8
Sanglah General Hospital, Indonesia
Sutresna - 16
Aryana - 11
Anda Tusta - 10
Sukanta - 8
Selly Oak Hospital, UK
Ajeigpe - 7
Spitalul Clinic de Urgenta Bucuresti, Romania
Luisa-Corine Steflea - 28
Laura Bandut - 18
Pandrea - 16
Sovar - 15
Mitescu - 14
Matei Bodgan - 11
Thomas - 11
Geafar - 9
Constantin Olteanu - 9
Laura Cotoros - 8
St James's Hospital, Ireland
Paul Walsh - 10
Alistair Murray - 9
Jabbar - 9
Paula Phelan - 8
Tygerberg Academic Hospital, South Africa
A Verkhovsky - 73
Grant du Plessis - 50
A Liebenberg - 43
H Govender - 26
J P Vivier - 15
E Vermaak - 13
Sarel Spies - 11
C Leatt - 8
University Hospital of Ioannina, Greece
Nassis Christos - 7
University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland
Silke Ludwig - 56
Sonya Prokop - 17
Whiston Hospital, UK
Sandra Bathgate - 9
Pamela Mcgrath - 7
Zhongshan City People's Hospital, China
Li Liang Ming - 14
Lin Qi Chang - 12
Luo Yong - 9

Introducing some of the CRASH Trial teams around the world. Keep sending in your team photos and they will be published in future editions.

CRASH team from Hospital Abel Santamaria Cuadrado, Cuba, with Irene Pastrana


CRASH team from Hospital University Science Malaysia with Jafri Abdullah


CRASH team from Hospital Universitario Germans Trias i Pujol, Spain, with Maite Misis

CRASH team from Centre Hospitalier Regional de Namur, Belgium, with the Mobile Intensive Care Unit

CRASH team from Research Institute for Special Surgery and Trauma, Czech Republic, with Petr Svoboda

CRASH nurses from Romania

CRASH teams from Slovakia with Stefan Trenkler, National Co-ordinator

CRASH team from Clinica las Americas, Colombia, with Miguel Fernando Arango

CRASH team from Kreiskrankenhaus Tirschenreuth, Germany, with Mathias Kalkum

CRASH team from King Khalid University Hospital, Saudi Arabia, with Abdelazeem El-Dawlatly

CRASH team from Hospital Municipal "Dr
Leonidas Lucero“, Argentina, with Gustavo Piñero


New ethics approvals
Congratulations and welcome to all 28 new centres with ethics approval. 223 hospitals in 53 countries now have ethics approval for the CRASH trial.

  • Nikolin Filipi, University Hospital "Mother Teresa" Tirana, Albania
  • Miguel Angel Delgado, Clínica Roca, Argentina
  • Rafael Perez, Hospital El Tunal, Colombia – FIRST PATIENT
  • Hernando Delgado, Hospital Civil de Ipiales, Colombia – FIRST PATIENT
  • Hubiel López Delgado, Hospital Provincial Docente "Manuel Ascunce Domenech" Cuba – FIRST PATIENT
  • Fabián Yánez Galarza, Hospital Rodriguez Zambrano, Ecuador
  • George Archontakis, Chania General Hospital ''St George'', Greece
  • Rafael Giovanni Perdomo Cruz, Hospital del Valle, Honduras
  • Shailesh Kelkar, Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, India
  • Y R Yadav, NSCB Medical College, India – FIRST PATIENT
  • Dilip Panikar, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, India
  • Haroon Pillay, Baby Memorial Hospital, India
  • Sojan Ipe, MOSC Medical College Hospital, India – FIRST PATIENT
  • Shailesh Kelkar, Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, India
  • N I Kurian, Jubilee Mission Hospital, India
  • R Ravi, Medical Trust Hospital, India
  • Beatrice Harding, CHU de Cocody, Ivory Coast
  • M M Qureshi, Aga Khan Hospital, Kenya
  • Jorge Loria-Castellanos, Hospital General Reginal 25, Instituto Mexicano Del Seguro Social, Mexico
  • Ignacio Morales Camporredondo, Hospital Mocel, Mexico
  • T O Odebode, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria – FIRST PATIENT
  • K S Oluwadiya, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
  • Dr Tariq Khan, Pakistan
  • Roberto Patiño Gardenas, Hospital Emergencia "Jose Casimiro Ulloa“, Peru
  • Marco Gonzales-Portillo Showing, Hospital Nacional "Dos de Mayo“, Peru
  • Megahid Eldawlatly, King Khalid National Guard Hospital, Saudi Arabia
  • Luis Ramos-Gómez, Hospital General de La Palma, Spain
  • VéroniqueLaloë, Point-Pedro Base Hospital, Sri Lanka

New randomisers
Well done to those who have recently started recruitment

  • Fatos Olldashi, National Trauma Centre Hospital, Albania
  • Hernán Galimberti, Hospital Aleman, Argentina
  • Walter Buchinger, Waldviertelklinikum Standort Horn, Austria
  • Carlos Rebolledo, Organización Clinica General del Norte, Colombia
  • Libardo Enrique Pulido, Hospital Regional De Duitama, Colombia
  • Jimmy Hurtado, Clínica Central, Ecuador
  • Marcelo Ochoa, Hospital Jose Carrasco Arteaga, Ecuador
  • Silvano Davila, Hospital de la Policia, Ecuador
  • K Bhavadasan, Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum, India
  • Krishnamurthy Sridhar, V H S Hospital, India
  • P V Ramana, Care Hospital, India
  • Varinder Khosla, Postgrad. Institute of Medical Education & Research, India
  • Nicola di Lorenzo, Università di Firenze, Italy
  • B B Shehu, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching, Nigeria
  • Branko Djurovic, Klinicki Centar Srbije, Serbia & Montenegro
  • Vladimir Kollarik, NsP F D Roosevelt, Slovakia
  • Sona Medekova, NsP Nové Zámky, Slovakia
  • Ralph Tracey, Curamed Kloof Hospital, South Africa
  • John Thurston and Emma Brown, Darent Valley Hospital, UK

A BIG thank you to the all the collaborating teams listed below for their tremendous support and continued commitment to the CRASH Trial.
10 patients
  • Giovanni Luna Cabrera, Hospital Departamental de Nariño, Colombia
  • Orlando Lopez, Hospital Federico Lleras, Colombia
  • Arturo Arias, Hospital Erasmo Meoz, Colombia
  • John Sergio Velez Jaramillo, Hospital Timothy Britton, Colombia
  • Humberto Lezcano, Hospital General Universitario "Carlos Manuel de Cèspedes", Cuba
  • Gladys Rivas-Canino, Hospital Miguel Enriquez, Cuba
  • Aida Madrazo Carnero, Hospital V.I. Lenin, Cuba
  • Angel Lacerda, Hospital General de Morón, Cuba
  • Jaime Velasquez Tapia, Hospital Naval, Ecuador
  • Ahmed Yehia Elhuseny, Zagazig University Hospital, Egypt
  • A Satish, Abhaya Hospital, India
  • N K Venkataramana, Manipal Hospital, India
  • Manas Panigrahi, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, India
  • S N Iyengar, G R Medical College, India
  • Wu Hoong Chhang, North Bengal Neuro Research Centre, India
  • Y R Yadav, NSCB Medical College, India
  • K Bhavadasan, Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum, India
  • Maria Cifranikova, NsP Trebisov, Slovakia
  • Juan Nava and Manuel Alvarez, Hospital Mútua de Terrassa, Spain
  • Peter Sommer, University Hospital Bern, Switzerland
  • Major Kafeel Ahmed, Withybush General Hospital, UK
  • Gautam Ray, Princess Royal Hospital, UK

50 patients

  • Esmaeel Fakharian, Naghavi University Hospital, Iran
  • Mazhar Husein, King George Medical College, India
  • Zouheir Jerbi, Hospital Habib Thameur, Tunisia
  • Edward Komolafe, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
  • Irene Pastrana and Raul Falero, Hospital Abel Santamaria Cuadrado, Cuba

100 patients
Nyoman Golden
Sanglah General Hospital

100 patients
Mario Izurieta Ulloa
Hospital Luis Vernaza
100 patients
Mamdouh Alamin
Aswan Teaching Hospital
300 patients
Surakrant Yutthakasemsunt,
Khon Kaen Regional Hospital

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