Issue 1 NEWSLETTER April 1999

recruitment has started …
CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Cottingham and the team at Eastbourne District General Hospital for recruiting the first patient.

Well done Petr Svoboda and Ilona Kantorova in the Czech Republic, who are now actively recruiting patients at their centre.

There are now 63 centres collaborating internationally 18 already with Ethics Committee approval by the end of March 1999.

Nigel Zoltie started the trial's steady growth by receiving LREC approval for Leeds in November 1998.

New collaborators are very welcome. If you know anyone who may be interested please tell them to contact the Crash Co-ordinating Centre directly or via the CRASH website 

CRASH Collaborators’ Meeting 12 & 13 March 1999: 

This was a huge success with 150 attendees. We are fortunate to have such fantastic international collaboration. European collaborators we would like to thank for their huge effort with translations and Ethics Committee involvement are Andrea Sauerland from Zürich, Stefano Ricci from Italy, Petr Svoboda and Ilona Kantorova from the Czech Republic, Jürgen Piek and Michael Gaab from Germany and Patrick Plunkett from Ireland. 

Bryan Jennett opened the meeting with a review of the global epidemiology of head injury. Graham Teasdale followed with an update on neuroprotection in head injury. Michael Bracken reviewed the evidence from trials of steroids in spinal cord injury and Ian Roberts presented an overview of steroids in head injury. Peter Sandercock discussed the importance of large simple trials and David Yates rounded up with a discussion of the practical issues of clinical trials in A&E.

Saturday morning dealt with practical issues and allowed us to share ideas about how to ensure the trial is a success. Barbara Farrell presented experience based on other large trials and Gabby Lomas demonstrated how easy it was to use the treatment packs in the Emergency Department. The user-friendly CTSU 24-hour randomisation service was demonstrated by Sue Knight.


Many thanks to you all for your hard work enabling CRASH to get this far already!
CRASH Trial Co-ordinator, Nin Ritchie

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