Frequently Asked Questions

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Taking Part Our Hospital Would like to take part.
1. Who else is taking part in the CRASH Trial?
2. Do hospitals get paid for taking part in the CRASH Trial?
3. What do we have to do if we want to get our hospital to take part

4. What do we do once we have ethics committee approval?

5. Does the trial involve a lot of paperwork for doctors?
6. Issues surrounding indemnity

Enrolling Patients
7. What do we do if a relative objects to a patient being enrolled in the trial?
8. What if the patient is drunk?
9. What if the patient has injuries other than to the head?
10. Are patients with a history of gastrointestinal complaints eligible?
11. Can the patient be withdrawn from follow-up randomisation?
12. In emergencies, how do I find out whether the patient got steroid or placebo?

Organisational Issues
13. What if trial supplies run low?
14. Does it matter if the doses are given by two different doctors?
15. What is the definition of NO SEDATION?
16. Do patients involved in the trial have to stay in hospital for 48 hours?
17. What should we do with any unused trial treatment vials?
18. What if the infusion is interrupted?
  19. What if the patient is transferred to another hospital after being randomised but before the 48 hour infusion is completed.
20. What if the patient is transferred to another hospital after the infusion is completed but within 14 days of admission.